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VOLTRION combines its 2009 proprietary ElectroSynthesis technology with other modular processes to create unique plasma treated sustainable bases, co-bases and bio-additives used for ultra-low friction formulation of lubricants, coatings and cosmetics

Technology  Our installations are used to upgrade vegetable and/or mineral oils to high-value specialty renewable ingredients.  

Industries concerned
– Lubricants & Greases
– Cosmetics, Personal Care
– Inks, Paints & Coatings
– Oleochemicals in general

A unique Belgian technology since 1909

In 1909 Leopold De Cavel, forefather of current VOLTRION founders started to commercialise and develop electric ionization processes for the lubricants & greases industry. During decades the Belgian (Ghent) company was globally acclaimed for its products ennobled by glow discharge, culminating in the 1930s till 1950s with most of the world’s aviation companies and aviation engine manufacturers recommending the use of these premium motor oils for lubrication.

VOLTRION was founded exactly 100 years later, with modernised technology and production of highly polar lubricity bio base oils and additives as a result.  Our zero carbon philosophy Producing  from 100% green electricity

Leopold De Cavel

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