VOLBYOL™ Bio Polyol polyesters

Building on its proprietary electrosynthesis process, VOLTRION offers a full range of EU sourced biobased polyester polyols mainly intended for the polyurethane industry.

VOLBYOL products are fatty dimer functionalized polyols produced from modified castor oils as a sustainable alternative to petrochemical polyols


Hydroxyl numbers ranging from 30 to 350 mKOH/gr, in wide ranges of molecular weights and functionalities. The use of VOLBYOL polyols makes it possible to achieve properties equivalent to conventional petrochemical polyols.

– PU polyurethane industry: (soft PU foam, inks, construction, coatings, paints)

– Available in steel drums & 1000L IBC containers


VOLBYOL™ Bio Polyols

For the PU industry (coatings, adhesives, selants, composites,...)

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