base oils & additives for manufacturers

VOLTRION electro-ionized bases are unique sustainable base oils for the lubricants & metal working industry. These naturally derived oils improve the quality of formulated products and are biobased up to 100%. They combine high flash point and polarity with low volatility and good lubricity. 

Best guarantee of performance
Our clients have been using our products non-stop over the past 10 years in 200+ formulations of top-tier industrial, metalworking and automotive lubricants. 

Contain up to 100% renewable raw materials. Ultra low-friction, high Polarity, XHVI
The products are fully REACH-compliant.

KV40°C 400 to 6000 mm2/s

VOLTRION® Heavy bases & bio-components

Specialty fluids for the Lubricants & greases, cosmetics, personal care, inks and paints industries.

ISO VG 10 to 680

VOLBASE™ industrial biobases

Ultra low friction (ULF™) lower viscosity fluids for a sustainable future.
ISO VG 10 to 680

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