Ultra-low friction Group II/III+ bases

Sustainability for most common lubricant applications

VOLTRION has been offering its bio based heavy oils for developing lubricants & metalworking fluids since 2013.

Voltrion ultra-low friction base oils are well suited to help formulators meet increasing demand for ULTRA LOW FRICTION + LOW CARBON COMPLIANCE in lubricants of tomorrow.
VOLTRION bases can be used as a standalone base stock or in combination with other fluids, specifically Group II/III+ base oils. Their compatibility with other base stocks and most additives make them the preferred co-base to reach performance & compliance objectives.

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Ultra-low friction paraffinic co-base oils

VOLTRION combines its proprietary Electro-synthesis technology with other modular processes to create its unique sustainable bases, co-bases and bio-additives. What makes us unique are the ultra-low friction characteristics of our products.


C: 150 - Renew.content: >15%
VOLTRION® 220: - KV40C: 220 - Renew.content: >20%
VOLTRION® 400:Ultra-low friction paraffinic co-base oil - KV40C: 400 - Renew.content: <50%
VOLTRION® 680:Ultra-low friction paraffinic co-base oil - KV40C: 680 - Renew.content: <50%

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