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VOLTRION (Belgium, 2009) is a renewable chemicals manufacturer who synthesizes plant oils, besides animal or mineral oils, into highly viscous oils used as co-bases or ingredients in Biolubricants, greases and specialty chemicals.

JAN 2021: EXPANSION IN GHENT SEAPORT VOLTRION relocated to the Port of Ghent as part of its close cooperation with EMULCO, a globally acclaimed high-end emulsion formulator and full service laboratory partner. This allows VOLTRION to broaden its product offer and production capacity and create, homogenize, emulsify, disperse, blend and mix both liquids/liquids and liquids/solids to suit its customers' needs. With supply capacities now over 5000 MTpa, reaching a new milestone.


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Oilworks and Formulation

VOLTRION combines its proprietary Electro-synthesis technology with other modular processes to create its unique sustainable bases, co-bases and bio-additives. What makes us unique are the ultra-low friction characteristics of our products.

Laboratory & Quality Assurance Formulations and re-formulations are developed in close cooperation with our customers and the Emulco R&D team. On request our chemical, analytical and technical know-how is at your disposal for all your needs.

Sustainable bases, co-bases and bio-additives.


(Bio) Bases & co-base oils

heavy sustainable basestocks


Lubricant components

Thickeners, Release agents, (Bio)additives


Specialty solutions for Inland Marine Vessels & Road Construction

bio emulsions, scavengers, marine fuel additives,..

Contact details.

Laboratory & Manufacturing
Henri Farmanstr 25, Haven 535A
9000 Gent Belgium

Telephone: +32 9 228 95 35
Direct line: +32 486 504 646