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About us . As producer of industrial oil components for the chemical industry, VOLTRION launches a series of unique lubricants formulated around its manufacturing process of Electro-synthesis (Electro-ionization).

Thanks to this treatment, we obtain a remarkable super-lubricity (oiliness) which is very typical for such treated lubricants. These unique properties seem extremely well adapted for older engines, which is why VOLTRION decided to formulate an exclusive range of lubricants, specifically designed for older engines of cars, trucks, boats and other machinery.

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History. "Aviation Quality Oils".
Discover how electrically treated oils were used in the past and how VOLTRION came about to launch a production of these unique oils.

Our products for export.
Click on the image to donwload our complete list of EXPORT lubricants. Contact us to request a pricelist.

- 15w50 High Mileage, Long Drain oils
- DESERT Hot & Sandy climate oils
- MARINE 4 stroke oils
- PRE-WAR oils (before 1920, before 1950)
- CLASSIC oils (1950 to 1985)


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Company presentation in the LUBE magazine (April 2013) of the "Independent Union of the European Lubricants Industry" (UEIL)

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