Bio fluids | Inks, Coatings, Concrete & Road

CONCRETE | 100% Bio form oils
Low, medium & high viscosities, general-purpose product range for most types of concrete work and form materials of all kinds (steel, aluminium, plastics, wood,plywood)
Availability: Bioform 10 / Bioform 20 / Bioform 40

ROAD | Bio Asphalt release agent & bitumen solvent
Non stick, cleans & prevents asphalt from sticking to trucks, machinery & tools. Fully REACH-compliant.

POLYMERIZED (bodied) standoil 30P/50P (Rape,Soybean or Linseed)
Considered semi-drying oils, used in all sectors from resins inks, paints, cosmetics and as additive for greases and lubricants. Feedstock for a wide range of derivatives such as epoxidized fatty acids.

Current stock: Soy 30 poise @ 20°C / Linseed 30P/50P/70P @ 20°C


Ultra low friction Bio-Additive packages designed for increased machine life, extended drain intervals and overall cost reduction due to increased lubricity and wear protection.

Oily Friction modifiers
Bio-Release agents
Bio Soot Dispersant

VOLTRION offers a variety of renewable content based additives for formulating BioPreferred, EcoLabeled or Bio-lubricants and greases of tomorrow. Contact us with your needs and requirements.